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The MCC Method

An Exciting, New Alternative Therapy

How the MCC Method came about?

There has been a movement throughout the world over the last decades to put together various different techniques used in acupuncture, kinesiology, NLP, functional neurology, EFT, TFT etc. This development has led to the new field of medicine known as Comprehensive Energy Psychology. See for more background.

The underlying principle is that the body is designed to maintain its own good health, and that it is only when overburdened with toxicity, anxiety etc. that it fails to do this, and we become mentally and physically out of balance.


At Holywood Health we have developed our own unique alternative therapy of energy psychology, known as the MCC Method. We have found that it is highly effective, and can bring life changing responses in just minutes. When one gets right down to the fundamental causative issues of unhappiness and disease and change the body’s memory of them, there is usually an instant and visible response.

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Historically, in Western medicine the approach has been to try and analyse the issues- which is a long drawn out and ultimately negative process as the person becomes even more self- absorbed in their problem. The psychiatric alternative has been to prescribe mood altering drugs, which in cases other than outright psychosis we find counterproductive.

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Putting the MCC Method into Practice : an effective, new Alternative Therapy

With the MCC Method we use some very simple tests to observe the body’s response to stimuli, and use these to guide immediate physical treatment. For instance, should a person be unable to look in their own eyes in a mirror, or they lose muscle strength while doing so, we know they are likely to have a significant issue with self- love. Asking a person to say ‘I deserve’ and having a muscle weakening response leads one immediately to a core life issue.


Doing simple tests for hidden body memories of physical and emotional trauma allow the problem not just to be found, but fixed.

Treatment protocols are simple and direct, and normally response is measurable and observable immediately. The client’s posture improves, complexion lifts, eye contact becomes spontaneous, and they often say goodbye with a hug for the therapist. We do caution them that they might feel a sudden wave of emotion at times over the coming days, but that this is just the body finally releasing the remains of old patterns. They will often report on their next visit that not only do they feel better, but that their physical pains have reduced or gone. 

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