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Become an MCC Practitioner

And add to your Complementary Therapy Portfolio

 Become an MCC Holistic Practitioner


The MCC Method is especially suitable for Kinesiologists, as it includes muscle testing. The method can be learned in a two- day intensive course. We then encourage practice with other course members to become fluent, and we also recommend taking Level 2 which consolidates the process and adds some exciting new procedures.

The Method is suitable for use in any clinical, or even roadside, situation where immediate emotional changes are required, or even where a physical injury needs to be reduced. It can be slipped in to a normal physical or counselling treatment at will, so long as the patient is kept abreast of what you are doing.  


We hold practical MCC Method Workshops regularly so start this fascinating holistic practitioner qualification today.      

Book your Place


15th & 16th June, 2024

(7pm -8.30pm)

on zoom. 


 20th & 21st July, 2024

at CityNorth Hotel, M1

(9AM - 5PM) 

You can pay €475  or €247 over 2 monthly instalments.

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