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So How does the MCC Method Work?

The first step is to identify the emotional circuit which has been over stressed. This is done by asking the client to repeat aloud a short list of statements of common issues. Once one has responded to a muscle test, it is again tested for priority, and a note is made of any and all issues. 

The priority issue having been found e.g. ‘I want to release all fear and anxiety’ tests weak, the next stage is to ask the body, again using muscle testing, when the situation first arose. We do that by going back through the years, even to gestation if necessary, until the body indicates by a strong muscle response that it did not have the problem at that time. Then we lock the body on to the onset of the problem, using a simple kinesiology procedure.

In Module 2 we workshop a method of performing Generational Healing, where we can reprogram the inherited DNA and energetic information from up to five or so generations past. When this has been corrected, it also corrects the information stream for future generations.


The MCC Method is an alternative therapy, a unique technique, available to all, that helps people make positive changes in their lives. It is a simple yet powerful process of releasing underlying emotions which may be stopping us from being successful, abundant and living a life full of joy!

It is a practical formula for emotional and mental freedom. It shifts one’s state of consciousness and resistance to dynamic change by reaching into the subconscious mind, where negative core beliefs can be quickly transformed.

This alternative therapy causes deep and powerful transmutation of negative thought patterns within a few minutes. It falls under the general description ‘Comprehensive Emotional Psychology’.

The Method has been developed over many years of clinical practice, by Ralph McCutcheon and latterly by Paula Phillips. It includes aspects of various therapies, combined into a fluid mind/body treatment which is able to open long buried files of past events, traumas etc without them needing to be recalled or discussed. 

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In our clinic we are often led to test for psychological stress patterns by analysis of physical pain or illness patterns.


Therefore, it is common to find great relief from physical symptoms once the underlying triggers have been resolved.

  • As an alternative therapy, the MCC Method works on various subtle levels within the mind/body organisation. It includes; 

  • stimulation of neuro-lymphatic points,

  •  neurotransmitter production,

  •  brain release through EMDR,

  •  injury recall pattern release on physical, central nervous and emotional/immune system levels.

  •  It incorporates some EFT and NLP techniques.

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