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Imagine: Overcome Trauma & Discover your Best Self

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Imagine a new born baby, untouched by anything but the birth process. That birth has largely been smoothed out by nature’s amazing hormonal responses, so that, just as the mother has been able to endure extreme pain without passing out, so the baby has been prepared for the trauma of birth into a totally new, non-liquid environment.

The baby’s nervous system has been prepared for this moment, and adapts smoothly to breathing air, and to recirculation of its own blood by the healing of the ‘hole in the heart’. This baby is primed and ready to go, a miracle of healthy life, with a clean sheet in respect of any traumas or other life events. It has the ‘innocence of childhood’ in its eyes.

The baby is loved and cared for, fed and cleaned, cocooned in a wonderful environment of calmness and warmth. A nurse calls, and after all the usual cooing sticks a hypodermic needle full of vaccine into the unsuspecting baby. The baby has never experienced anything like this before, and screams. However, the needle is soon removed and the baby is soothed. The foreign substance, however, has an unsettling effect and the baby probably does not sleep well for a few nights. This gets repeated time after time over the next few years, but the child gets used to it and sees it as a normal part of life.

At age five Mum takes the youngster to school for the first time. She watches, perhaps with tears in her eyes, as the little one is taken indoors to meet his new teacher and classmates. He is traumatised with separation anxiety, and is either very quiet and withdrawn all day or overtly tearful and upset. Teacher knows that of course he will soon get over it, and of course he does.

His anxiety about school leads to a degree of withdrawal, seen as weakness by his classmates. By the age of seven or eight they do what kids do, they pick on the weak and apparently defenceless. So, our child gets bullied. In time he learns to grow up and give back as good as he gets, and life improves.

Some time later his parents start to row a lot, and this may even lead to separation and divorce.

Suddenly the rock of family has split in two, and may even include new parental partners. Huge trauma for the child!

And so, through the teens and into adult life. We all have to grow up and toughen up, that is the way of it. However, some of these little and not-so-little events get lodged firmly in the operating software of the person’s nervous systems. Just like a computer, the human brain and nervous systems are prone to attack by malware, viruses, trojan horses etc, etc. Everything experienced is imprinted in the cellular memory, and these memories can condition behaviour and directly affect both mental and physical health.

As adults we learn to cope with our underlying programmes to a greater or lesser extent. If we cope well, we will probably have successful relationships and a happy life. If some of the past events are too much for our coping mechanism, we will be prey to anxiety, fear, anger, hostility, depression, etc. as protection mechanisms. This will be likely to prejudice our relationships and make life even more challenging.

Wouldn’t it be nice to ‘wind the clock back’ on life, erase the bad programmes and do a reset?

The MCC Method aims to do just that!

Using the tool of muscle testing we can bypass the brain and get straight into the cellular information system of a client. We can then have a conversation with the ‘subconscious’ directly, without any interference from the brain. The body has no reason to lie, it will either feel comfortable with a situation or not. A comfortable body response produces a strong muscle response, an uncomfortable one produces a weak muscle response.

When we use the MCC Method we ask the client to repeat out loud some simple sentences as a starting point. For example;

I want to be rid of this.

I deserve the very best in life.

I allow myself the very best in life.

If any of these primary sentences give a weak muscle response, we go down the rabbit hole to explore when and why the muscle went weak. Using a very simple technique we can open a file for the time when a particular issue happened, and then apply quick and simple treatment to release the body’s memory of the event.

As a simple and common example, someone tests weak to saying ‘I want to love myself’. They probably smoke, or drink too much, or suffer headaches, or eat to excess, or something else which allows them to criticise themselves. They are fulfilling the programme which keeps saying ’I am not worthy of love, I can’t even love myself, so I must keep proving it to myself’.

When we find the cause of the lack of self- love and release it, suddenly everything improves! After all, when you love and appreciate yourself for the divine being you are, why would you harm yourself?

It is our firm belief that as individuals we all create our own life circumstances, whether consciously or unconsciously. We get to choose whether to let things go to our default setting, which is usually fear based, or make conscious choices, which are usually love based. Our system helps people to be free of hidden conditioning and able to make their own conscious decisions about who they are and what they create for their futures.

If you have experienced any trauma in your life, we may be able to help you overcome it using a variety of techniques. To find out more, book an appointment or ask any questions, please contact us. Or alternatively, check our our sister website Holywood Health for more information.

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